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eBooksShelf.net provides our readers with access to hundreds of eBooks spanning a wide range of themes, all of which are available for download wherever and whenever you want, and as many as you want. Choose eBooksShelf today and feel the difference our quality and selection can make for you, from biography, economy, and children’s books to business books, drama, food/recipes, and much more!

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A Member Area unlike any other in the industry!

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One of my great passions is reading old literature. This history buff had been thirsty for many years, and after researching numerous historical websites, I discovered this one. This website includes a large library of Ancient history, which will be a huge help to me online.

Luis Desalvo

I enjoy suspense literature, which is why I was looking for Arthur Conan Doyle. I got this website, and it’s really lovely and welcoming. I’d want to thank the creator of this site for making it so easy for users to download and read forever. This website is ultimately intended for book lovers.

Shelia McCourtney

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